Terms and conditions, a.k.a. the fine print

Translation services (French/Spanish to English) are charged at $0.10-0.12 (+HST, if applicable) per word. The following factors influence the final price charged per word:

Editing services are charged at $0.018 per word for proofreading and a maximum of $0.044 per word for more intensive editing, and the same general factors apply to set the price per word. Documents which require significant knowledge of French, Spanish, Portuguese or Mandarin to edit will be charged as a translation. Rush jobs will be estimated at a higher rates.

If the bibliography and/or citations are perfect (at least internally consistent), I do not consider the bibliography at all in the word count when determining the price. For tables, I estimate loosely based on how much time I need to spend reading the text to understand the tables, and vice versa, in order to ensure that they are mutually consistent (i.e., I barely count numbers in detailed tables full of various results if they are mainly provided as a reference). The number of equations, and the complexity and innovativeness of equations and models, may contribute to the time and effort required to translate or edit an article. These factors may be considered in conjunction with project urgency to arrive at the final charge.

Since the above factors cannot be accurately evaluated in advance, any quoted price should be considered as an estimate.

Now for some exciting details about payment options, etc.:

Good things take time. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If all of the above looks like too much, you may wish to refer to, a large online database of translators and bilingual editors. Or, just send me your document(s) and be confident that the culmination of your hard work has found its way into competent and careful hands.