Computer-related skills

1=Hello world!, or otherwise achieve most rudimentary output
3=Most people who know the difference would agree that you can do plenty of useful things with this software
5=Join the creative direction of the team producing the next best alternative already, eh. You are too good!

Software or skill Score Specific experience
Word 3.5

Many polished document for working papers, consulting reports, etc.

If the function is specific to the most muscle-bound version of the program, then tell me I need to know it, after licensing me on the software.

Excel 3.5

Much experience in using Excel to produce statistical analysis for empirical reports in: chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, physics, economics, political sciences, microbiology, biochemistry, soil sciences, etc.

Experience using Excel to organize data and maintain databases for further manipulation with software such as R, Stata or SPSS.

Access 1.5

Export data according to somewhat complex queries, for use in other programs.

Powerpoint 3

Have used Powerpoint many times to deliver down-to-earth presentations without blinking too hard at multidisciplinary methodologies and/or challenging intercultural contexts. This involves using limited text and a variety of graphical tools to support attentive delivery.

Things take time because I do not use this software very often. Animation skills are lacking, including to produce highly professional recorded presentation materials in a reasonable amount of time. If you want me to produce a presentation, I hope you plan to ask me to deliver it too!

Browsers 4.5

Find information. Change browser settings and apps. Contact people, sign up for access to and use various services and information outlets or license intellectual property for public access. Buy and sell goods and services internationally using reliable modes to send and receive payment. Engage in local trade. Not 5/5 because I do not design or hack websites.

Stata 2.9

Highly trainable. Experienced at locating and organizing data, including for use in Stata. Manipulate data to produce descriptive statistics, perform standard explorations of regressions (various transformations, probit, logit, with IVs, etc.) and report measures of robustness and/or data anomalies as suited to various data types and research question. Do so using micro, macro and international data and variables. Interpret results with guidance from academic literature, current events and targeted research objectives. I am particularly interested in improving myproficiency with mathematical specifications of graphical outputs.

SPSS 2.9

Highly trainable. Primarily, I used SPSS to produce weekly analytical reports, throughout an academic year, using a broad variety of increasingly sensitive/advanced statistical tools to investigate a number of databases available through the University of Toronto Political Science laboratory. Name the method, and I will (re)learn how to perform it. Or leave it to me to propose a method.

R 2

Learning. Not my top my top current learning priority, but statistical procedures of the"internship" Project will eventually have significant documentation for cross-training with this open source statistical package. That's what it's there for (R, that is).

LaTeX 3

I can install additional packages for document-specific purposes and use the program to produce nice documents, including special typesets, tables, graphs, scientific and mathematical formulas and notation, etc. Send formatted LaTeX code so I can translate or edit your study and I will return LaTeX code with changes tracked in Word.

Wordfast 3

Produce a TM for a project and deliver a polished, completed translation. What's your budget?

Trados 3

Tested a trial version and was satisfied. Can produce the TM and use the basic functions of the software. I am prepared to purchase a short-term license if warranted by the size and nature of a given project. If you need more than that, hire a project manager not a translator.

Cubase 3

Experience in music covers up my lack of training. A few rough samples are available through CBC music.

Social media 3

Capable of managing accounts and producing regular, innovative content for Facebook, Twitter and Shmitter communities. I prefer not to put my personal persona into that social media ring.

Programming 1.5

Can easily learn 1st/2nd programming course-level programming in any language. I understand loops, logic and objects and know what debugging is. Beyond that, R is the most likely target of programming development in the short to medium term, primarily for the purposes of become proficient at statistical programming and data manipulation using this open source software. For most purposes, I can merely say that I can communicate with programmers and should leave it to them to borrow and innovate their way to satisfactory solutions.

Hardware 2.5

If your hardware guy says that it is not too difficult, then I can probably do it. But get your hardware guy to do it anyway because he is set up to do it quick and easy. For projects outside of Canada, USA, Western Europe and East Asia, please allow me time to visit outlets in a nearby city; be prepared to wait for parts ordered online and have cash on hand to pay duties upon delivery and/or to reach the depot where the hardware product may be held. I can communicate with the hardware guy, but I do not want to do his job.

Software 2.5

Choose your own adventure! Which new software will I be chipping away at tomorrow in response to demand?